Alpha 0.46 - A major update to the saving system

Changes in 0.46

  • Fixed:
    • FIXED: Levels not loading properly or freezing with a black screen while music is still playing
    • FIXED: Enemy ships have a too small collision area
    • FIXED: Guards can walk into walls on Transport ships
    • FIXED: Level loading and saving is slow, should be instant
    • FIXED: When pressing New Game in the Main Menu the game sometimes loaded an old save
  • New:
    • Added new item to loot boxes which increases your ship's firepower
    • Difficulty balance: All damage dealt to the player has been reduced significantly
    • Added a new sound effect to the exterior area
    • Added a new ship to the player
    • Added tilt effect to the player ship when moving left or right
    • Added trail effect to enemy ships
    • Removed Ship Radar and Player Radar from loot boxes and made it available from the beginning


Alpha 046 61 MB
Apr 20, 2020

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